Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-04-17

We are very close to the Memorial Day. This year let's also honor those served us at COVID19 front-line, including all essential workers who risk their lives to help all of us. Want to binge read romance? Make sure you try the Binge Worthy Romance Reads book party in this blog post.

Turns out we both need to score... a second chance hockey romance.

I can’t be alone. But I can’t be in a relationship. And now I can’t even score on the ice. I’m in a slump.
I figure an off-limits pet sitter is just what I need. Until I see who the agency sent me.
Winter Allen is standing all grown up at my front door.
She’s my hat-trick: the looks, the heart, and the history.
I let her run off to Broadway because she deserved to follow her teenage dreams as much as I did.
We both got everything we wanted. So why does she look so damn lonely?

I didn’t plan to see Hunter Storm again. And I don’t plan to tell him why I’m back home in New Orleans.
But after one devilish grin, my body tells me Hunter’s the only man who can help me.
Turns out we both need to score again. So who’s to say it’s a bad idea to mix his fire and my gasoline?
What are we doing? I’m not sure, but it feels too good to stop.

The Billionaire’s Secret Regret
Rule #1 Hands off Samantha. My best friend’s little sister.
I knew that… Then how do I explain to him she’s pregnant with my baby?
When I was young and stupid, I broke the heart of the only girl I’d ever loved, Sam Jenkins. We had a hot and wild summer romp that completely blew my mind, but everything changed when she told me she was pregnant.
I was scared and I told her to get rid of it... I’ve never regretted anything more.
We parted ways and I thought I’d lost my chance of a happy ending with Sam. At least, I felt that way until she showed up out of the blue after three years of total silence. I knew I couldn’t waste this opportunity.
I had to win her back, but how on Earth could I make up for what I had done?

The Billionaire Returns Home
He’s back in town. Filthy Rich, a Single Dad.
And gorgeous as Hell!
We were inseparable as kids.
When he left, he took a piece of my heart.
Now he’s back and needs my help.
And I begin to school his little girl.
We soon discover the spark is still alive.
When he takes me on the front room sofa I’m lost in the pits of lust.
I’m in heaven and life is a dream.
We are lovers - until he leaves me again!!!
Turns out he doesn’t think my family is good enough for him!
I have to let him go. Family blood is stronger than childhood romances.
So why does it feel like my heart has stopped beating?
Do we get to have a Happy Ever After?

The Billionaire’s Surprise Heir
I’m FURIOUS that she kept this from me!
A secret she had NO right to keep…
Do I destroy her or make her mine?
Every redhead turns my head. It’s my greatest weakness.
Tiffany…that was her name, a redhead hottie from my college days.
Imagine my shock when I meet up with her again on a blind date!
Now, I’m not the kinda guy to go on blind dates, but I’m glad I did.
This woman rocks my boat and now she’s in my life again I won’t let her go.
Yet, she always pushes me away.
Talk about a she-devil in disguise. She’s dodging me and lying too.
What game is she playing?
I WILL find out, even if it means stalking her!
Will Tiffany’s secret blow up in her face and destroy her Happy Ever After?
-with the only man she has ever loved.



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