Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-04-24

So what makes a great romance? We think it must have not only have a lot of explosive emotional moments but also acts between the sheets. Well, don't miss today's special Fresh Spring Romance giveaway event (go back to read the email I sent you as it is not here). Besides that we have quite a few exciting romance stories we would like to share with you and you know this book scavenger hunt blog post will be at least 50% free... at least at the time we prepared it since each author offers free books at various duration anywhere from 1~5 days as permitted by Amazon, we cannot predict that, but sure this will help somewhat to help you catch some good free romance stories ^_^

In The World Of Vampires NOTHING Is Ever As Expected

Vampire Shifter Academy
I woke up and realized I’d lost It All.
I was attending Ridgeview Academy, a secret academy for vampires.
There I met three guys and sparked up a possible romance!
But I wondered, what are they really after?

Loved By The Vampires
My Brother’s Place Had Been Ransacked And He’s Missing
I feared the worst.
I attended a top academy.
It’s here where I’ll find the answers.
I meet four guys who all want something from me.
But they’re all suspects.

Indebted To The Vampires
I’m a Slayer with a duty to fight evil.
But my world was turned upside down when I met three hot vampires.
I’m meant to hate them, and loving them is wrong, but it feels so right.

Embrace Of The Vampires
I've sworn to fulfill the quest of my mother.
But, slaying vampires isn’t.
There's too much at stake.
3 men are back in my life to collect a debt.
How can I choose between three jealous suitors?


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