Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-05-01

Mother's Day is near! How are you going to celebrate this important day, especially when the coronavirus pandemic is still going on? Perhaps share some exciting romance stories you have found with Moms you know. There are two mega sales events going on that I have included in today's post. Let's start with Amanda Horton's Fool Me Twice: 

Have you ever come face to face with the man who broke your heart?
And even if you know you should hate him, you long to feel those irresistible arms around you?
Or am I just completely fricking crazy?

I blame my almost-successful blog, Grace’s Fitness Grapevine.

I’ve been invited to cover Harry Hadley’s fitness and adventure camp. I should have said no. But my best friend, Kelly, talked me into coming.

This way, I can get revenge on Harry Hadley. The man who made me fall in love, took my virginity, and then broke my heart.

I’d almost forgotten how handsome he is. How his sharp jaw and perfect body put that jersey to shame. Not to mention that to-die-for British accent.

And the maddening politeness he never seems to shake. Even as he rips your heart out.

My classy, adventurous soccer star.

No! Not mine!

I can’t let myself fall for him. Not when I came here to break his heart.

The sexual tension between us is still as thick as London fog. Our ‘chance’ meeting last week told me that much. But this time, I’m the one who’s keeping secrets.

There’s no way this sweet revenge could get wildly out of control.

There’s no way he could fool me twice.

Two romance stories sales events! Check these out asap for great deals!




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