Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-05-04

Strangely, I know covid19 has altered economy landscape, but I didn't expect it to cause me to improve my life digitally. So are we evolving (in a good way) because of covid19? I have watched some of David Icke's short video and some are disturbing... anyway, perhaps only a billionaire will know where the world is heading... Perhaps we should just start reading more billionaire romance stores for hit. Lauren Wood's The Billionaire's Lawyer is a must read.

If temptation had a name, it would be Eric Halstead.
Powerful, sexy-as-hell billionaire and my romantic nemesis.
He’s the one man responsible for the worst date of my life,
And the only person that stands between me and my dream job.

I never imagined I’d be standing face to face with the bane of my existence again,
Let alone dedicating every second of my life to making sure his perfectly shaped ass stays out of prison.
Which means for the foreseeable future I must eat, sleep, and breathe…
all things Eric Halstead.
I hate him, and yet – he is still the main character in all of my juiciest fantasies.

He’s the devil in a three-piece suit.
With a teasing smile, perfectly chiseled abs and an ice-cold heart made of pure stone,
He’s the kind of man that could completely and utterly destroy me,
And now he’s set his sights on charming his way into my bed.

I know he’s dangerous,
I know I should hate him,
But the temptation is threatening to shatter my resolve,
And drag my career down with it.

Playing his game means one of us will lose.
And if there’s one thing I know about Eric Halstead,
He always gets what he wants.

If I give into my desires – will he rip my heart to shreds?
Or can guys like that really change - transforming into all you want and need…even outside the bedroom.

Jackson has two passions: fighting fires and Blaire. One love is deadly and unpredictable while the other is sweet and innocent. Except that Blair has a past that is far from innocent and it is catching up to her in ways she never expected. Even worse, Jackson’s heroin-addicted brother threatens to destroy their relationship more than any fire ever could.

Fighting fires is something Jackson knows how to handle—he has trained for it and can face down any threat with a clear head. Opening himself up and being vulnerable in a relationship is another matter entirely and he isn’t sure how to be totally honest with Blaire about his own rough childhood. When Blaire narrowly escapes a fire, hard choices must be made. Jackson must choose between his family alliances or lose the only woman he has ever loved.


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