Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-05-08

Ah Mother's Day is coming, and many authors are Moms. Don't forget to check out the free giveaway event Romance for Mom in the email. 280+ entries to this giveaway events and you will probably find something to fill up your e-readers. Are you shopping anything for your Mom? Well, why not give something free for them to read? We also have some amazing free romance stories in this blog today so hunt 'em down. All it takes is you click through fast enough before the free period expires (which I will not know when, but at the time I wrote this email, they are free). Let's start with an alpha male romance Mr. BIG shot by J.P. Comeau:

I should have never asked him out.
But don’t judge me.
It was a dare.

He looked hot at the nightclub, even though he stuck out like a sore thumb in a perfectly tailored suit.

Long story short – He said no when I asked him out.
Well, screw you, Mr. Big Shot.

That turned us from strangers to enemies pretty quickly.
And then… I applied for a new job.
It was a secretarial position.
Nothing fancy.
And definitely not at a firm that he owned.
Of course, I forgot that Mr. Big Shot does, in fact, own half of Las Vegas.

So, now here I am…
Standing in front of my worst enemy with a resumé in hand.
He gives me a smirk and checks me out.
And his next words will determine my fate.
You think I’ll get the job?

Three rules for surviving your sister’s wedding:

Don’t let her talk you into being the maid of honor.
Don’t get too drunk at the ceremony.
And whatever you do, DON'T makeout with the best man.

My First Mistake...
agreeing to be the Maid of honor.
It starts simple. The vows, A few photos, a nice dinner

My next mistake...
Suddenly I find Myself Making out with the best man in My mom’s kitchen

Mistake # 3…
Going to Hawaii with the Wedding Party for the honeymoon

A week of relaxing, Drinks, and Sunbathing? What could go wrong?
I’ll just ditch them and do my own thing


The bride and groom are now fighting as the equivalents to cats and dogs
That drunken Kiss keeps haunting my thoughts
The perfect jawline and rock hard body best man keeps showing up where ever I go.
So does his ex…the bridesmaid


Tempers heat up. and the sparks between us Fly
Volcanos aren’t the only thing erupting
Hawaii is as beautiful as I imagined
But What happens when this vacation ends?


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