Book Scavenger Hunt 2020-05-11

Wow, it is so hot out there.. and strangely guess it is too hot to stay home working on romance stories so it took me sometime to find a decent number of free stories to share with you. Crystal Faye's Color Me In is great if you have a dollar to spend. If not, we have some other heated romance stories to share. 

All I had to do was track down our studio’s featured artist.
Check on him. Report back to the boss. Easy enough, right?
What I DIDN’T know beforehand was how cocky and arrogant he is.
And it didn’t help that he’s also insanely good looking.

But no matter what, I will remain professional.
There’s no way I’d get too close with a jerk like him anyways.
At least, that’s what I thought until that one night.

How could I get so carried away?!
All I did was have one drink and let loose a bit.
Little did I know, he seemed to have some sort of grip over me.

I couldn’t help myself.
The way he exuded adventure and excitement… It had me yearning for more.
It was exactly what I’d been craving when I left my hometown.

That was when I knew I had to get it together.
I’d be crazy for losing my V-card to this guy!
Everything about him spelled danger and chaos.

Was my sister right? Maybe I never should have moved to NYC.
That decision could have easily been the best or worst one I’ve ever made.
Is it worth finding out?

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