Save Me, Sweetheart: Sweet & Spicy Billionaire Office Romance

Save Me, Sweetheart: Sweet & Spicy Billionaire Office Romance

I am thrilled.
A month ago they hired me as a security guard.
Through a friend's referral, I had my first experience patrolling a billionaire’s wedding.

How exciting!

Well, I didn't expect that later a guest offered me to be his personal bodyguard.

To be honest, I wanted to refuse, but he has this charm that I could hardly resist.
So I agreed.

HUGE mistake!

Besides occasional flirting between the two of us I kinda enjoyed.

And him showing off his perfect Greek God-like body that I wanted more.

Why am I kidnapped?!

Now who will save me now?

Please note: each steamy older man romance story of the Sweetheart: Sweet & Spicy Billionaire Office Romance series is suitable for legal age adult readers only. Each story follows a different couple. All with a gorgeous protective alpha male hero, standalone, no cheating, and a satisfying happily ever after. 

Sweetheart series:
Fire Me, Sweetheart (Xander & Jennifer's story)
Save Me, Sweetheart (Mark & Crystal's story)
Take Me, Sweetheart (Jane & Nathan's story. Expecting early 2020)

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