Book Scavenger Hunt Tutorial

Features of the Romance Scavenger Hunt 

 There are usually not more than a handful of the section #3 book images and I often try to place my best finding in this section so do remember that the entire blog post is the scavenger hunt ^_^

Below is what my blog main page looks like. I suggest that you bookmark this web page so just in case you cannot get my newsletter through email, you can always directly access this page for the latest Book Scavenger Hunt!

This is however not recommended since there are benefits reading my emails:

So why reading my emails if we can all connect through my blog?

#1 Benefit of reading my emails: You will get the latest update from me! The reason I now team up with my friend on his work-in-progress e-commerce platform Hot n Spicy to serve my book scavenger hunt is because Google Chrome has marked all website unsafe and potentially harmful if a website does not have special security proof issued by 3rd party authority. However, for those who has been with me for the long time, this transition from my original host to the new secure website service was a rough ride... we got through it together, however, with help of my email service. Readers could reach me and let me know what happened and my techie girl could help troubleshoot then let me know so I could help bring out news, and solution to help you receive the scavenger hunt.

 #2 Benefit of reading my emails:  So my email service provider and let me keep using emails! The email service I pay for monthly, keep counts of how many readers open my emails... if the amount of unread goes above a certain percentage, they will send me warnings and, if there is a lot of unopened emails, they may kick me out of sending emails through them. So to help everyone, please keep accessing book scavenger hunt through email links. BIG THANK YOU for reading my emails ^_^

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