Daddy's Virgin Nanny: A Single Dad & Nanny Romance

Daddy's Virgin Nanny: A Single Dad & Nanny Romance

You wouldn’t expect a rich, handsome billionaire to have lonely nights. It was just one of those that turned me to the world wide web, where I found an auction site. It wasn’t just any auction, however… it was girls auctioning their virginity. Call me a pervert, but the idea of being a girl’s first… her everything, there was something exceptionally hot about that. 

The girl I bid on has the most scrumptious lips, and perfect curves that go on for days. I can taste her name upon my tongue as soon as I see it. Jasmine. Oh, Jasmine, what a tangled web we’ll weave. What she doesn’t know is that she’s signing on for more than she bargained for. When I get her home, I won’t just have her as a lover… she’ll be a nanny for my little girl. Call it twisted. It’s not far from the truth.

While I went into this wanting to own her body, I never expected to fall for those innocent eyes and her big heart. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, by far. But there’s more than that… I want her for my own. I want her to love me. I’ll stop at nothing to own her, from every inch of her body to her warm spirit.

Jasmine, you will be mine.

After Your First Night.

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