Fire Me

Fire Me

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She has the look.
She has the voice.
She is a professional.
She’s everything… I ever wanted to be.

Except I really need this job to support my Mom’s treatment so even though she will probably get hired… I will not give up this chance.

Well against all odds, I got hired by the CEO himself!!

But before I celebrate, he asked me to prove my worth or be gone on the f*cking 2nd day at work?!

He may be a real slave driver, but a few encounters alone make me wonder maybe he isn’t all that he seems to be. 

Especially after he fired me up that night… wow… those six-pack abs are just amazing.

Yes, the endless gossip at work was annoying.

Yes, those bad publicity dating my boss do hurt.

But I will keep trying because I really want to keep this hot billionaire for myself…


Author Note: This is the first standalone of my new billionaire fairy tale series. Guaranteed happily ever after. Content is not for minors as there will be sizzling hot romantic scenes.